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MaSMo Stay

A new idea of coworking. To take advantage of Iot to automate the space usage and make Coworkers autonomous

01 Problem

Let customers be independent in booking and using the new coworking spaces

02 Approach

An innovative space requires an innovative approach. A reality like MaSMo that deals with Smart Mobility needed a cutting-edge digital product.

03 Solution

We developed a digital product that combines together a user App and a web portal for menagement. Iot devices are used to control the entrances, allowing users to access just by pressing a button in the App


Mobile First

Nowadays Smartphones let us interact with the objects around us. The Iot allowed to break down the barrier between virtual and reality. The fields of application, in which the use of Iot devices connected to web portals and mobile App allows to make a difference, are unlimited.

An UX designed to ease the process of booking and interacting thanks to Iot devices.

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We design digital solutions to have an effective impact on customers and market.


A developement team with cross-cutting skills able to realize the most ambitious projects

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MaSMo Stay