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Pluriservice Spa chooses us for the developement of their B2B portal

Why a B2B portal?

A B2b portal allows to automate the orders collection and to have, potentially, a sales agent operating 24 ours a day (24/7).

It is not a sales agents’ enemy, quite the opposite, it is an important support to quickly and easily collect customer orders, view the updated catalog, the commercial policies, product sheets and stock availability.

It also allows them to focus on acquiring new customers and more substantial sales, leaving the purchase of consumables and small quantities to the portal. If the company wishes, the commission may also be charged for automatic purchases.

System integration

Unlike B2C e-commerce aimed at the final user, B2B is closely integrated with ERP or business management, to verify business conditions, payment methods, statements, invoices and many other customer-specific data.

Each customer can have a different price list, different sales conditions, a different credit rating and this is managed in a B2B portal.

Gestione del fido e di tutte le condizioni di pagamento del cliente

Listini differenti per ogni cliente

For the realization of this project a system integration work has been done both with the company management and with the Zucchetti database in order to integrate all the necessary information. We created a series of scripts to synchronize the information and keep them constantly updated.


Plurisevice B2B s a completely custom product, created without using CMS. Pure code development to create a portal that fully match the needs of the company.

From code to essential tool, our specialty.

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